>>>>> "A" == Andreas Tille <andr...@fam-tille.de> writes:

Hi Andreas,

    A> Hi folks, when I tried to fix this bug I realised that new
    A> upstream versions are out.  I downloaded the latest one and
    A> imported it into Git[1].  Since I don't know the software I would
    A> like to ask you about your reasons you might have to stick to
    A> version 1.4.  There are some patches to fix and may be some tests
    A> to do which I can't.  So may be if I do not hear from you I'd
    A> probably only go with the restriction of architectures to
    A> amd64/i386 to fix #897239.

please restrict again to amd64/i386 for now. I hope I will get around
building the new version in time before the next freeze. The big
advantage of the newer versions 2.x + is support for GPUs. To support
that will be quite a lot of effort though. Given that we'll have to
build against the non-free nvidia stuff for GPU support, will this
require the package to move to non-free as well (at least the GPU variants)?



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