Hi Daniel,

On 12/06/18 16:42, Daniel Swarbrick wrote:

> We've been running your 0.15.0~rc.1~git20180507.28967e3+ds-1 packages
> from experimental for about a week now, with no issues bar one - the

Oh, great!

> tilde in the version number upsets the semantic version parsing in
> Cloudflare's "unsee" dashboard
> (https://github.com/cloudflare/unsee/issues/263).

I had not heard about unsee until now, we should package it too! :)

> I presume that issue should resolve itself once the final release is
> out... I hope.

Yeah, the tilde will be removed once the final release is out.. But it
still seems like a bug to panic due to that. I don't know how upstream
presents the RC version number, but shouldn't that also break semver

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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