Regarding the specific buggy case you've met: Christian asked you some
more info in https://bugs.debian.org/805145#10. Any chance you
provide it?

Regarding how widespread the triggers that bug are: since 2.10.95-2
the snippets included by dh-apparmor in postinst use aa-enabled (which
is a light, fast, single purpose C program) instead of
"aa-status --enabled", so any package that uses dh-apparmor and got
rebuilt since this version was uploaded does not run
"aa-status --enabled". Now,
tells me that some packages don't use dh-apparmor and instead have
hard-coded calls to "aa-status --enabled". Ouch! Next step would be to
report bugs (ideally with patches) against these packages to make them
use dh-apparmor (ideally) or aa-enabled (at least). Now, on the
systems I have at hand, "aa-status --enabled" takes less than 0.1s to
run, so I probably won't work on this myself.


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