Package: src:openmpi
Version: 3.1.1.real-1
Severity: normal

Dear maintainer,

I see that openmpi 3.1.1.real-1 fails to build on ppc64el :
Trying to reproduce the bug, it failed with an other error and on other
architectures as well : 
dh_install: Cannot find (any matches for) "usr/bin/orte-dvm" (tried in ., 

This seems to be related to the latest upload of pmix 3.0.0-1 that has a
different version number PMIX_VERSION_MAJOR (it was 2 before and is now
In this case, config/opal_check_pmi.m4 does not set opal_prun_happy to
yes (and OPAL_WANT_PRUN also).
Without OPAL_WANT_PRUN, orte/tools/ just skips build of
orte/tools/prun/prun and orte/tools/orte-dvm/orte-dvm .

I don't know if those utilities makes sense or not with pmix 3 but
actually upstream openmpi skipped those in this case, and if it's not a
bug, openmpi in debian should not package them anymore and that may fix
the build.



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