Source: mozjs52
Severity: wishlist
Tags: help
Usertags: sh4

(I'm reporting this as a mozjs52 bug since mozjs60 isn't available in the
archive yet; I'll reassign it to mozjs60 when available.)

mozjs60 is almost ready for upload to NEW. However, I had to drop the
sh4 patch, because it didn't apply cleanly, and I wasn't confident
that I could rebase it correctly without the ability to test it. If sh4
is important to you, please rebase/adjust the sh4 patch from mozjs52 to
apply cleanly to mozjs60, and send patches or a merge request.

Source code:

Alternatively, the upstream bug suggests that this
may have landed in Firefox 53, so perhaps there is nothing more to do,
and the patch should just be discarded? If so, please say so and close
this bug.

If possible, I would prefer DEP3 metadata in gbp-pq format (see the
version in mozjs52 for an example).

It would probably be easier to maintain this patch if it is in the same
form as the upstream patch submissions, which seem to be done as a series
of smaller patches per architecture rather than one big patch. If you
provide a series of smaller patches, when rebasing on newer versions
I could keep the ones that apply cleanly, and only discard the ones I
can't merge - that would probably reduce the amount of subsequent porting.


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