Hi Stuart,

Braindumping here whilst I have a second...

> diffoscope recommends apktool but apktool is not currently in buster.

Ah, this was the bit I was missing in my head. ie. not a Build-Depends :)

> Perhaps @tool_required could be extended with an "all tools required"
> mode such that no tests are skipped or missing tools are a test failure
> (or error). An environment variable would work for setting that mode
> and that mode used at package build time and in autopkgtest.

Out of curiousity, is there an environment variable that ci.debian.net
reliably exports?

(One difficulty with "just" extending @tool_required is that sometimes
we really do want to skip the tests as they require a newer/older
version of a particular tool in order that we can correctly match up
the output.)


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