(note: I am not a member of the release team, just a dd who spots a load of 
build-depency issues in testing as part of running a derivative)

I thought testing with dose-builddebcheck already happened routinely but
can't find it. Any historical perspective on that?

There is


Unfortunately it doesn't distinguish between packages that have never built on 
an architecture and packages which have binaries on an architecture but can't 
be built on that architecture in current testing.

A bigger Issue though is that failure to satisfy build-dependencies in testing but not 
unstable is rarely the "fault" of the package that is failing to build, but is 
the fault of build-dependencies that for some reason are not migrating.

If the migration of the build-depencies is something that is "in hand" already 
then filing bugs against the victims is just a waste of everyone's time. On the other 
hand if none of the maintainers of the dependencies are paying attention then the 
maintainer of the victims may well want to be informed.

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