Control: tags -1 + upstream confirmed

> >> If I execute the following testcase:
> >>         #!/bin/bash -xe
> >>         IMAGE_PATH=bug.img
> >>         sudo kpartx -a "${IMAGE_PATH}"
> >>         sudo kpartx -d "${IMAGE_PATH}"
> >> then kpartx won't cleanup its loop devices:

Indeed. The problem here is that the loop device refers to the image
file by full path, and then the comparison at -d time fails.
In general upstream thinks that this is a convenience feature and
you should delete mappings by passing the loop device name instead
(so kpartx -d /dev/loop1).

This is also LP#1747044.

Upstream has improved/fixes this in commit
c1adcc5ba452bb1252c97c8066e340433976c23e (past 0.7.7).


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