Hello Gilles,

On 08/11/2018 04:43 PM, Gilles Filippini wrote:
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> Hi,
> Patches welcome :)
> I gave a try using the CMake build system, but it failed. Firstly, there
> is no CMakeList.txt to build the doc. Secondly the test suite fails:
> Thanks,
> _g.

Indeed, I should have mentioned that I am working on this myself! (Still
a bit new so please bear with me.) I created a bug since I'm a bit stuck
and wanted to try to get other people involved, and to track the work.

I don't have a build log handy to provide specifics just now, but at
this point, I've got a successful build (sans the docs) although the
main problem at this point is that the shared libraries are all coming
out unversioned, i.e. `usr/lib/*.so` instead of `usr/lib/*.so.x.y.z`.

I've already made a patch for CMakeLists.txt which adds multi-arch
support, and I presume I'll have to do the same for the versioning and
the docs.

I was hoping to find a package I could refer to which had a similar
unversioned shared library problem but was fixed with a patch--do you
happen to know of any? I am having the exact same unversioned shared
library problem trying to package SMESH, which depends on med-fichier,
and it's the reason I started investigating this issue. So, there's a
nice 2-birds-with-1-stone opportunity here.

Thanks for your quick response to the bug by the way!

P.S. By later today I'll have a buildlog + my changes up on salsa.d.o
and I'll update the bug with that info.

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