Package: tuareg-mode
Severity: important

Dear Debian OCaml Maintainers,

Thank you for maintaining tuareg-mode!  Unfortunately it's
autopkgtests have been failing since emacsen-common 3.0.2 and
unversioned emacs were uploaded, and tuareg-mode is delaying their
migration to testing.  Would you please adapt tuareg-mode to the new

In the case of irony-mode, the quick fix for autopkgtest on LXC was to
add "ert_eval = (require 'cl)" to debian/elpa-test; this was not
required for tests to pass on a real system or in any type of chroot.
The use of d/elpa-test requires converting the package to use dh-elpa
rather than legacy debian/emacsen.scripts.  In addition to the general
case of making src:packages maintenance less burdensome, using dh-elpa
appears to have insulated many packages from the breaking changes
recently introduced by emacs upgrades.

This action will also close #850071, #582981, because dh-elpa does not
support XEmacs.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance :-)


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