Source: lintian
Version: 2.5.103

We noticed that library-not-linked-against-libc is triggered for
several GNOME packages. [1]

smcv had these comments
"I think that tag is too high-priority tbh. In frameworks like GLib
and Qt it's far from unusual to do everything with higher-level
functions and not use libc directly at all, and -Wl,--as-needed turns
that into no dependency.

In the parts of Debian that are not GNOME the tag triggers a lot less
often, because -Wl,--as-needed seems to be mostly a GNOME meme?

if someone is upset about that tag, I think it's fine to objdump -Tx
the offending object, say 'look, it has all the DT_NEEDED it needs'
and override the tag. Bonus penguin points if you write an autopkgtest
that dlopens it to prove that it's possible, I suppose."

So I'm requesting that the tag be downgraded from error. Please also
downgrade the description where it claims a library to not use libc is
only theoretical and not very likely.


Jeremy Bicha

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