Package: python3-grpcio
Version: 1.15.0-1
Severity: normal

The GRPC github project managed by Google
( includes support for many languages
including Python. Tarballs generated from that project include support
for all those languages and are linked from the official page at . This tarball is packaged as the "grpc"
Debian source package, though it hasn't seen a new upload to unstable
in over a year.

The grpcio tarball available from is
created from the same source, but has the non-Python bits removed (and
includes a few extras, like a copy of zlib/c-ares/openssl).

Two bugs ( and ) ask for Python support to be enabled
on the grpc source package. I'd guess they were asking for Python 2
bindings, but they might also be interested in the Python 3 bindings
provided by this package.

I'm not aware of any actual problems caused by the current situation,
but packaging the same source twice is unusual.

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