Control: forwarded -1

On 10/05/2018 09:40 AM, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Control: tags -1 ftbfs
> Control: severity -1 serious
> Control: retitle -1 googletest causes mathicgb to FTBFS: invalid cast
> On 05-10-18 05:04, Steve Robbins wrote:
>>> Currently this regression is contributing to the delay of the migration
>>> of googletest to testing [1]. Due to the nature of this issue, I filed
>>> this bug report against both packages. Can you please investigate the
>>> situation and reassign the bug to the right package? If needed, please
>>> change the bug's severity.
>> I had a look, but it's over my head.  Suggest to file bug upstream.
> Which one? And by who?

I've forwarded the issue to mathicgb's upstream.


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