Control: reassign -1 weston
Control: severity -1 normal
Control: retitle -1 weston: add support for stable xdg-shell
Control: affects -1 mpv
Control: tags -1 upstream


On 04/11/2018 07:04, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> Package: mpv
> Version: 0.28.2-3
> Severity: important
> Dear Maintainer,
> * What led up to the situation?
> Updated MPV to 0.29.1 from 0.28.2
> * What exactly did you do (or not do) that was effective (or
>      ineffective)?
> Tried to play a video file I have played many times before
> * What was the outcome of this action?
> MPV failed to play the file with the following error message:
> krc@ken:~/NFS/public/video/documentaries/David_Attenborough$ mpv
> 2017_Blue_Planet_2/Blue_Planet_2_03_Coral_Reefs.mkv
> Playing: 2017_Blue_Planet_2/Blue_Planet_2_03_Coral_Reefs.mkv
> Unable to revert mtime: /usr/local/share/fonts
>  (+) Video --vid=1 (*) (h264 1920x1080 25.000fps)
>  (+) Audio --aid=1 --alang=eng (*) (dts 6ch 48000Hz)
>      Subs  --sid=1 --slang=eng (*) (hdmv_pgs_subtitle)
> [vo/gpu/wayland] Compositor doesn't support the required xdg_wm_base protocol!
> [vo/gpu] Failed initializing any suitable GPU context!
> Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (--vo) device.
> Video: no video

As of this commit (first in 0.29.0), mpv dropped support for xdg-shell
v6 and now only supports the stable version of xdg-shell:

Unfortunately Weston doesn't support stable xdg-shell yet. I have a
feeling that currently mutter is the only compositor which does
(although I may be wrong).

There is an upstream mpv bug about this which hasn't seen any activity.
I'll poke it and see what upstream has to say, but I doubt they're going
to reintroduce xdg-shell v6 support.


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