Am 06.12.18 um 15:49 schrieb Luca Boccassi:
> That header has always been a torn in the side, and should have _never_
> been a public one, but unfortunately it's too late now.
> I'm actually wondering how it can work anywhere since it's always
> included and there's no libczmq-dev -> uuid-dev dependency...

Hm, rsyslog *does* build-depend on uuid-dev. uuid-dev provides

The code in czmq_prelude.h seems to include
uuid/uuid.h on Linux, (so the header from uuid-dev is found) and uuid.h
on kfreebsd.

/usr/lib/$(MULTIARCH)/pkgconfig/libzmq.pc does *not* list uuid as
dependency even though the public headers do require it.
If uuid was list as Requires(.private), -I/usr/include/uuid/ would be
added to CFLAGS and the header would be found.

So it works only by accident on Linux, since there it uses uuid/uuid.h
which doesn't require CFLAGS to be set properly.

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