Package: wget
Version: 1.19.5-2

wget has lost pcre regex support:

  % wget --regex-type=pcre
  wget: --regex-type: Invalid value 'pcre'.

This is presumably not intentional. (Running the same command on a
Stretch system produces the expected "missing URL" error.)

This can also be seen from the output of wget --version which no longer
mentions -lpcre in the Link command line, and --help for --regex-type
which only lists posix (stretch: posix|pcre). Finally, buildd logs show
"checking for PCRE... no" "checking pcre.h usability... no" "checking
pcre.h presence... no" "checking for pcre.h... no" during configuration. 

I think this is likely due to the switch to new libpcre2 in 1.19.5-2. I
note in #909084 (a similar report regarding loss of pcre on switching
from old pcre3 to new pcre2 in a different package, zsh) it was stated
"[...] pcre2 and pcre3 are not exchangable without code changes [...]".


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