Niels, it looks like you uploaded src:libcdio-paranoia 10.2+0.94+2-4,
removing the cd-paranoia binary package, because cd-paranoia(1) is
already included in the libcdio-utils package. However, if you look at
libcdio-utils in sid, you’ll see this is no longer the case – there is
currently no package in sid that provides cd-paranoia(1). Would you be
willing to undo that change and upload a new src:libcdio-paranoia
equivalent to 10.2+0.94+2-3?

For reference, here’s the current situation. cd-paranoia(1) was
originally developed in upstream’s libcdio repository.¹ In 2011, shortly
after the release of libcdio 0.83, Rocky Bernstein split that repository
into a libcdio repository and a libcdio-paranoia repository,² copying
over cd-paranoia(1) to the new development. Further work on the program
occurred there. However, libcdio appears not to have much attention paid
to it in Debian at the time, so src:libcdio 0.83 and its associated
binary packages were included with jessie and stretch, and libcdio-utils
contained cd-paranoia(1).

After the stretch release, however, src:libcdio and src:libcdio-paranoia
got updates in Debian: src:libcdio to 2.0.0 and src:libcdio-paranoia
to 10.2+0.94+2. During the update, cd-paranoia(1) disappeared from
src:libcdio, as expected. However, the program didn’t get included in
any of src:libcdio-paranoia’s binary packages. This brings us to the
current situation, in which the cd-paranoia(1) program is not
distributed in sid at all.


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