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gustavo panizzo wrote:
> I want to request the removal of the uptimed package


> package works on long running servers, but breaks with non-rtc systems

Which are common (Raspberry Pi, Alix, etc.), but far from being the

> leap second [2],

Never noticed that despite having uptimed installed on more or less
all my Debian systems for more like 15 years or so. You're breaking my
tradition!!1!eleventy! ;-)

> and general bugginess that hasn't been solved in years [3]

That one I noticed. But as the severity states, it's minor (but
admittedly annoying).

> Ricardo (tuptime upstream and Debian maintainer) has agreed to add a
> note to tuptime's long description about uptimed (for people doing
> `apt-cache search uptimed`) and a migration script [4]

Actually for some reason, I thought the import of the uptimed database
is done by default if present. I probably misread that addition to the
package description.

> I'll submit a patch to Buster release notes regarding the removal.

Maybe there should be a transitional package from uptimed to tuptime
which actually calls that migration script. (For that it needs to be
packaged uncompressed and not under /usr/share/doc/. Will file bug
reports for these two things later today.)

P.S. to Ricardo: I saw your reply on #914954, will reply soonish.

                Regards, Axel
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