* Stefano Zacchiroli <stefano.zacchir...@gmail.com> [2018-12-09 18:04]:
> The main current issue is that several tests, at least when run under
> sbuild/cowbuilder, enters infinite loops stat()-ing forever
> "/PKG-INFO". I have been unable to find the cause, but it's somewhat
> specific to the Debian build environment in conjunction with pytest.

As you know, I'm years out of date with Debian packaging and have no
idea how gbp works.

However, the /PKG-INFO issue is this: find_repository_root() in
beancount/utils/test_utils.py tries to find the root of the reposity
by looking for a directory that contains all of COPYING, PKG-INFO and

However, when I look at the Debian source tree, it seems a lot of
files are missing:
doesn't have COPYING, nor the examples/ directory.

So find_repository_root() fails to find all 3 files (COPYING is
missing) and traverses the directory until it ends up in an infinite
loop traversing /.  (dirname("/")).  I just filed this bug about
the infinite loop but really the problem is the missing file:

I suspect if you add these missing files, it would just work.

It seems:

commit 0414a6e19275f4770223add912971762da291ca4 (origin/upstream)
Author: Stefano Zacchiroli <z...@debian.org>
Date:   Fri Oct 5 09:20:03 2018 +0200

    New upstream version 2.1.3

deleted COPYING, examples and a bunch of files.

Oh, btw, build-package also didn't work for me:

I: pybuild pybuild:269: cp -r /home/tbm/beancount/beancount/utils/file_type 
/home/tbm/beancount/.pybuild/cpython3_3.7/build/beancount/utils; cd 
/home/tbm/beancount/beancount/parser; cp lexer.l grammar.y parser.h parser.c 
cp: cannot stat '/home/tbm/beancount/beancount/utils/file_type': No such file 
or directory
cp: cannot stat 'lexer.l': No such file or directory
cp: cannot stat 'grammar.y': No such file or directory

/home/tbm/beancount/beancount/utils/file_type has a .py ending and the lexer.l 
grammar.y are not there.

Martin Michlmayr

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