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Steve McIntyre <> wrote:
> I've just pushed changes to a few bits of d-i this weekend to make SB
> work for amd64:
>  * build/util/efi-image:
>    We can use pre-existing (and already signed) EFI binaries instead
>    of building a new monolithic image ourselves (which won't be
>    signed). We'll also need to install the shim-signed binary so that
>    it will be called first then can chain-load the grub binary.
>    Tested and working for boot both via netinst image and network
>    boot for amd64 (signed) and i386 (non-signed). The netboot mini.iso
>    is also updated and will now work with SB on amd64.
>    ***** This will want documentation updates. Most people won't
>          notice the change, *BUT* people using netboot on amd64 will
>          need to tftp-serve both shim (as bootnetx64.efi) and grub (as
>          grubx64.efi) where previously they just needed grub (as
>          bootnetx64.efi)

As a first step, I'm sending this to a bugreport, to prevent it from getting 
lost in <someone>'s holey memory :-)

Thanks for working on this, Steve!


Holger Wansing <>
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