On Friday, 1 February 2019 21.15.13 CET Kathryn Tolsen wrote:
> Package: firefox-esr
> Version: 60.5.0esr-1~deb9u1
> Last night I upgraded and now it shows me a yellow banner saying "Firefox
> is installing components needed to play the audio or video on this page.
> Please wait." I waited about 20min, reloaded the page, still wouldn't work.
> I removed firefox-esr and manually downloaded and installed the last update

Problem is here that the wrong version of widevine is installed for 
firefox-esr 60.5.0. You can manually fix this by downloading (please check the 
in-sources list for non-x64 binary urls [1] on in firefox using 
the URL chrome://global/content/gmp-sources/widevinecdm.json ):

    #check first what your profile is called and manually save it as 
    ls -ld ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default

    mkdir test
    cd test
    unzip 4.10.1196.0-linux-x64.zip
    rm -rf "${firefox_profile}"/gmp-widevinecdm/*
    mkdir "${firefox_profile}"/gmp-widevinecdm/
    cp libwidevinecdm.so LICENSE.txt manifest.json "${firefox_profile}"/gmp-

After doing that, you can just go to https://demo.castlabs.com/ and play one 
of the DRM versions. I have also verified this with netflix and some known DRM 
shows on tvnow.de.

It is currently unknown to me why the browser still downloads Even 
when removing my .mozilla directory. Is this inserted by some external 
service which still thinks that 60.x.0 is compatible to and not to 
4.10.1196.0? I would therefore guess that the aus service of Mozilla is broken


In my case it is https://aus5.mozilla.org//update/3/GMP/60.5.0/20190130005301/
amd64%20(GTK%203.24.4%2Clibpulse%2012.2.0)/default/default/update.xml and it 
really references the wrong widevine version.

Does anyone know how to contact the admins of this service?

Kind regards,

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/mozilla-team/firefox/blob/

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