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Even though we are after the transition deadline, we would like to have
permission to go ahead with the clamav transition.  Typically we keep clamav
updated in stable for effectiveness reasons and we plan to do the same now.
In order to do that, we need to do sid/buster first.

Status of preparations:

clamav 0.101.1+dfsg-2 is in experimental and has built on all release archs
for which it has been tried (it's been waiting a week for mips64el/mipsel).

It's ready for unstable/buster.


dansguardian (still and issue for stable, but removed from unstable/buster),
maintianed fork e2guardian uses clamd, not libclamav, so not an issue.

libclamunrar: Update split from clamav source and uploaded to experimental.

python-clamav: Source changes needed.  Patched version uploaded to

havp: Source changes needed.  New upstream release with fixes uploaded to
experimental (upstream only incorporates Debian patches and this change).

c-icap-modules: binNMU only - tested rebuild locally.

pg-snakeoil: binNMU only - tested rebuild locally.

Ben file (note: this is what reportbug generated, the auto one is fine):

title = "clamav";
is_affected = .depends ~ "libclamav7" | .depends ~ "libclamav9";
is_good = .depends ~ "libclamav9";
is_bad = .depends ~ "libclamav7";

Note that for the packages that need sourceful uploads, I am an uploader, so
no external maintainer coordination is required.

Scott K

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