Hi Dominik,

Dominik George wrote:
> my employer asked me about backuppc4 in Debian today. I found ITP
> bug #873075 - thus, I conclude that the plan is to keep backuppc for
> the 3.x generation and add backuppc4 as an alternative package?

That's the idea.

> As the bug is recorded as ITP by the team, I would like to know what the
> progress of the work is.

Not that far yet, I must admit.

I was glad having gotten backuppc (3.x) back in shape for buster. And
Tobi (the only other guy in the team so far), was busy with other
things the past two months IIRC.

And when it became clear that we won't manage to get 4.x into buster,
priorities shifted quickly.

My plan is to start with it (or rather #864079) once everything else
has settled down for buster, i.e. either during the hard freeze or
after the release.

(And I have upgraded my production
BackupPC server to Buster so that it can do my IPv6-only backups and I
can use my testing/secondary BackupPC for BackupPC4 testing under
production load.)

First step is though looking into packaging the rsync fork for
backuppc, see https://bugs.debian.org/864079 — where some decisions
need to made, especially the one about the final package name.
Comments on why one of the suggested packages are good or bad are

> I'd also like to offer support in getting teh package ready
> (probably for buster+1 and buster-backports, as it seems…).

That's the plan, yes.

Since we (clearly) didn't manage to get backuppc4 ready in time
Buster, the exact migration path is not so clear anymore.

Initially the idea was to have both in parallel for a while, maybe for
one release.

But then again, I don't think we will have backuppc 3.x in Debian 11
Bullseye anymore, so we might also just go back to just reuse the
"backuppc" package name again and run both in parallel for a while by
uploading the 4.x version to experimental first.

> My employer is giving me paid time for a backuppc4 package supported
> in Debian.

Yay! So feel free to join the team. I'd really appreciate another
couple of hands and eyes. :-)

                Regards, Axel
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