* Julian Gilbey <j...@debian.org> [2019-02-03 16:02]:
> I've just noticed, since this package was recently installed or
> upgraded, that my /var/log/daemon.log file is getting rapidly filled.
> The lines are like the following:
> Feb  3 00:03:32 erdos dbus-daemon[633]: [system] The maximum number of 
> pending replies for ":1.136" (uid=1000 pid=3225 
> comm="package-update-indicator ") has been reached 
> (max_replies_per_connection=128)
> eb  3 00:03:32 erdos dbus-daemon[633]: [system] Connection ":1.136" is not 
> allowed to add more match rules (increase limits in configuration file if 
> required; max_match_rules_per_connection=512)
> I received 559 messages like the first one during that minute and two
> like the second; my /var/log/daemon.log is now almost 300000 lines
> long since it started at midnight (and it's now 16:00)!
> Something is clearly very wrong...

Unfortunately the above isn't enough to determine what is happening,
package-update-indicator uses DBus implicitly for displaying the
indicator, sending desktop notifications, and for interacting with
Could you please run package-update-indicator in debug mode, i.e.

    $ package-update-indicator --quit

and then

    $ package-update-indicator --debug

for a while and attach the output here?
Guido Berhoerster

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