On Thu, 25 Oct 2018 15:09:31 +0200 Oliver Riesener
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> On 10/25/18 11:06 AM, Oliver Riesener wrote:
> > On 10/25/18 1:45 AM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> >> On Wed, 2018-10-24 at 18:44 +0200, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> >>> On 10/24/18 6:42 PM, Oliver Riesener wrote:
> >>>> No unetbootin, it’s the stock  stretch netboot   installation.
> >>>> initrd kernel from actual
> >>>> Debian9.5/…./amd64/netboot/netboot.tar.gz didn’t find kernel
> >>>> modules anymore. The old one before too. It’s a point release
> >>>> problem. Older versions of modules (.udeb ?) seems
> >>>> to be from debian repo.
> >>> Are you sure you used a matching kernel image and initrd? Both
> >>> have to match
> >>> their version otherwise it won't work.
> >> But when you use netboot the udebs in the archive *also* have to
> >> match. And they don't after a point release.
> >>
> >> Ben.
> > Yes, that's the point. Packages are updated, today it runs perfect
> > again.
> Oh, i am sorry, i got the issue yesterday with jessie 8.0 point
> release, becource
> my (old) bootp entry points to 8.0/pxelinux.0.
> Upgraded to jessie/current/netboot image, works also fine.

The problem exists again with the buster netboot.tar.gz from the server
(just downloaded). The available netboot.tar.gz still contains the
4.19.0-1 kernel, while the 4.19.0-2 is the only one available in the

Would it be possible to update the netboot.tar.gz for the arch the
moment the updated kernel is being added in the repo. (or leave the old
kernel with modules in the repo until the netboot.tar.gz is updated)

I expect the generation of the tars is automated, so it would be nice
if the kernel and tar update can be linked.


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