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On Mon 11 Feb 2019 at 03:26PM +01, Martijn de Gouw wrote:

> Package: emacsen-common
> Version: 3.0.4~bpo9+1
> Severity: normal
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> Hi,
> After Debian 9.7 was released I started to dist-upgrade our machines,
> but it started to remove all emacs packages. I traced this behaviour
> back to the emacsen-common package in stretch-backports.
> All emacs packages depend on emacsen-common one way or the other, but
> the package in stretch-backports is conflicting with most of them:
> emacs19, emacs20, emacs21-common, emacs22-common, emacs23-common,
> emacs24-common, emacs25-common, xemacs21-support.
> Since there are no other emacs packages in stretch-backports, besides
> emacsen-common, I pinned the emacsen-common to version 2.0.8 as a
> work-around.

This package shouldn't be in stretch-backports; it was a mistake.  I
have requested removal.

It is possible that there is something wrong with your apt config, as
dist-upgrade shouldn't have caused something like this to happen, but I
can't immediately see how it could have happened.

Sean Whitton

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