Package: lintian
Version: 2.7.0
Severity: wishlist


As the maintainer of dpkg, I do not agree at all (well I'd go as far as
to consider them to be just bogus :) with the rationale and conclusions
that were arrived to get the package-uses-vendor-specific-patch-series
tag implemented.

But the above is sadly besides the point here, given the authority that
was wielded to force this through. The reach of this tag should have been
exclusively up to the Debian archive, and not apply to any local runs, or
derivatives, etc.

So, I'd appreciate very much to see this tag emitted exclusively when
running lintian on lintian.d.o and Debian's ftp-master (possibly for
Ubuntu too, given their complaints) as part of its acceptance checks.
But not when running locally or for any other derivatives, because
both dpkg and lintian are used beyond Debian, where that ruling should
have no reach.


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