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> Package: smokeping
> Version: 2.6.11-3
> Severity: normal
> I keep an "apache2.conf" file in /etc/smokeping, which is my backup of
> my personalised /etc/apache2/smokeping.conf.
> When smokeping got updated, it deleted that file.
> I think it should not.

From what I know, the apache2 config file is considered as a config file
for the smokeping package. as an example, this is how I see this in buster:

# cat /var/lib/dpkg/info/smokeping.conffiles | grep apache2

if I were to venture a guess about what hapened here is that dpkg may
have asked if this file should be overwritten during upgrade. if the
upgrade was run in a non-interactive way, it's possible that this
question was hushed or pre-answered in a way.

what you could try in order to avoid having your config file get
overwritten is you could use dpkg-divert(1) to add a divert rule for the
file. This way the package will not overwrite it.


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