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Le sam. 16 févr. 2019 à 18:32, Harrison
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> Mathieu,
> Upon rereading my reply to you, I noticed that I wasn't crystal clear in 
> explaining the test results when I "selected the /mnt/non-backed folder" in 
> the "Map network drive" function in Windows Explorer.  When I tested this 
> with "max disk size = 1000", the copy was not even attempted due to lack of 
> space as I indicated.

Because your file is > 1000MB?

> HOWEVER, when I tried this with "max disk size = 1000000", the copy was 
> initiated and was successful.  I hope these two results are consistent with 
> your understand of how the code works and the "max disk space = 1000" option? 
>  It would seem that this option "overrode" the actual "free space" on the 
> "non-backed" partition which was more than adequate to hold the data being 
> copied?

You said that you are using Windows 10. Is this the 32bit or the 64bit version?

Please provide your smb.conf, df -h output.

Mathieu Parent

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