Dear Helmut,

Thank you for your patience with me whilst I try and get Lintian
working correctly for you.

For a bit of background I had never cross-built a package until
today and I'm afraid to say I could not help but read something
somewhat antagonistic in your replies at my errors and lack of
experience. :( I generally suggest folks avoid expressing annoyance
or otherwise being dismissive of ignorance and mistakes as it
rarely leads to a mutually-beneficial outcome.

> It would help if you could share your frustration in more detail such
> that we can fix that. The whole idea that you'd need a "cross build
> environment" seems flawed though. What you need is a "build environment"
> and that happens to be a "cross build environment" automatically. If you
> decide to put that into words, is a good
> place.

Indeed. My now-obvious mistake was that I was following:

.. instead of simply doing dpkg-buildpackage -a$arch. It is surely a
credit to you and the rest of the folks involved here that cross-
building has got that easy that I thought it could not /possibly/
be that simple.

> The particular issue in this report is that the tag is not emitted for the
> procmail package when built for mips64el even though it should.

D'oh, of course; I often find these "false negatives" difficult to
parse. Ah, okay, it is an easy/obvious fix now. Patch incoming...


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'` 🍥

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