Dear Maintainer,

I've isolated where this is failing when using ed25519 keys.

The call to gcry_pk_verify() in the function challenge_verify_sexp() in the 
file src/util/support.c fails with the error value 1677782. I believe the 
issue is related to the hard-coding of the s-expression for the signature in 
this line:

    err = gcry_sexp_build (&sexp_signature, NULL, "(sig-val (rsa (s %m)))",

I believe it needs to be generalized to support alternate signature 
algorithms. For example, ed25519 requires the following s-expression:

   "(sig-val (ecdsa (r %?) (s %?)))";

The ECDSA signature is formed from two non-negative integers. I don't 
understand the crypto well enough to map these to the RSA signature values.

If the maintainer could provide some pointers I may be able to provide a 


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