Package: mame
Version: 0.206+dfsg.1-1
Severity: important


Since version 0.194 (and even earlier) ppc64el compil fails with messages:

In file included from ../../../../../src/emu/emu.h:31:
../../../../../src/mame/drivers/flyball.cpp:27:39:   in 'constexpr' expansion 
of 'operator""_MHz_XTAL(1.20959999999999999999999999999999e+1l)'
../../../../../src/emu/xtal.h:85:83: error: 
'(1.20959999999999999999999999999999e+1l * 1.0e+6l)' is not a constant 
 constexpr XTAL operator ""_MHz_XTAL(long double clock) { return 
XTAL(double(clock * 1e6)); }

According to it could be related to 
gcc handling long double on ppc64el.

Is there anything plan for that ?


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