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Manuel Lorenzo <man...@mlorenzo.com> wrote on 2014-01-09:
> Installed the base system, upgraded to Sid and run Tasksel to install
> the desktop task.
> Previously, during the system installation process, Debian was
> configured to use Spanish and once rebooted Gnome was shown in
> Spanish, but not Iceweasel nor Libreoffice, which depend on
> task-spanish-desktop. Installing the package manually solved the
> problem.
> This was tested also on Wheezy and the translations are automatically
> installed, so it may be a bug of current Sid version and the
> automatically installation of the package task-<language>-desktop.

I tested this with buster alpha5 netinst image, and I can confirm this:
tasksel does not install the packages which are listed (those are Recommends) 
in task-german-desktop task (anymore?).

I did two test installs:
1. install standard and lxde task with tasksel from within d-i while choosing
German as language/Germany as country. This results in task-german-desktop not 
being installed, so for example firefox-esr-l10n-de and libreoffice-l10n-de 
are not installed.

2. install only standard task with tasksel from within d-i, reboot into
new system and install lxde task with tasksel from there. The result is the
same as above. All packages listed (under Recommends) for task-german-desktop 
were not installed!

So it seems that OP is right and task-<language>-desktop tasks are completely 

This makes large parts of the tasksel package selection concept useless!


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