Hi Guillem,

> > Or perhaps not emit this tag for "local" packages (via the
> > versioning scheme?)
> I'm not sure there's any reliable way to distinguish those? I think
> most people even tend to use the defaul target distribution from dch,
> and use normal looking versions for local packages.

dch(1) has:

       --local, -lsuffix                                                        
               Add a suffix to the Debian version number for a local build.

... which might be legitimate to ask people to use so that Lintian
ignores it.

But before we spend more energy here instead of on other things;
are there many concrete people actually complaining about this? If
so, where? 

> Creating the profiles is rather easy, the above would be a simple
> example of that, and can be placed either system-wide or on each
> user's home. The problem is that this needs to be deployed on each
> user/CI/build system

Nod, indeed. Including, for example, GitLab instances, etc. etc.


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