On Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 12:49:21PM +0100, Harald Dunkel wrote:
> Package: lxc
> Version: 1:3.1.0+really3.0.3-5
> After the upgrade to lxc 3 the old containers created by
> lxc 2 don't work anymore, even though lxc-update-config has
> been run (manually). The config files still contain template
> specific include statements, e.g.
>       lxc.include = /usr/share/lxc/config/debian.common.conf
> These files are not included in lxc 3. They are included in
> lxc-templates, but this package was not installed during the
> upgrade.
> I would suggest to either add "Depends: lxc-templates" to
> the package dependencies, or to move the lost template specific
> include files back into the lxc 3 package.

This only happens if you turn recommends off.

templates are considered deprecated by upstream, and while we are
keepking them around I don't think we should have a hard dependency on
them. Under the default APT settings lxc-templates will come together
with lxc on upgrades, but maybe we could add a NEWS entry about needing
lxc-templates if you have legacy containers *and* turns recommends off.

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