Control: retitle -1 RFP: elpa-coffee-mode -- Emacs mode for editing CoffeeScript

On 16-Oct-2013, Ben Finney wrote:
> * Package name    : coffeescript-mode

This is now available from MELPA:

    Package name: elpa-coffeescript-mode
    Version: 0.6.3
    Upstream Author: Chris Wanstrath <>
                     Syohei YOSHIDA
    License: GPL-3+
    Programming Lang: Emacs Lisp
    Description: Emacs mode for editing CoffeeScript

        ‘coffee-mode’ is an Emacs major mode for editing code written
        in the CoffeeScript and IcedCoffeeScript programming languages.

        Provides syntax highlighting, indentation support, imenu
        support, a menu bar, and a few cute commands.

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