Control: reassign 921004 firmware-amd-graphics 20190114-1
Control: reassign 921145 firmware-amd-graphics 20190114-1
Control: forcemerge 921114 921004 921145
Control: retitle 921114 AMD Radeon RX 580: no GL display, "amdgpu: The CS has 
been cancelled because the context is lost"
Control: tags 921114 + moreinfo
Control: affects 921114 + libglx-mesa0 xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu

On Fri, 01 Feb 2019 at 18:16:41 +0100, Jean-Dominique Frattini wrote:
> since the latest update of xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu and
> firmware-amd-graphics [in buster], most GL applications do not display
> anything and display this error message in the console:
> amdgpu: The CS has been cancelled because the context is lost.

You say "most GL applications". Is glxgears (from the mesa-utils package)
affected? If not, please give some examples of specific GL applications
that are affected (smaller/simpler applications are better examples
here than larger/more complicated ones, so a simple GL game would be a
good test).

If you report more bugs in future, please report them with the reportbug
tool if possible. It provides information that package maintainers
will need if they are going to be able to solve bugs like this, like
the exact versions of all the packages involved (including the kernel)
and the relevant system log entries.

Some commands that might provide useful information here:

    reportbug --template libglx-mesa0
    reportbug --template firmware-amd-graphics
    reportbug --template xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu

If possible, please get the system into a state where you see the bug
again, then run those reportbug commands and sent their output to the
bug's email address. If that isn't possible, please be as clear and
specific as possible about what was different when the bug was present
(for instance the exact versions of the relevant packages).

In the other bugs you opened at the same time, you mentioned this
being a regression in an upgrade of firmware-amd-graphics, Mesa and
xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu, all together. I've merged the three separate
bugs you opened, and reassigned the merged bug to firmware-amd-graphics
for now. Debian contributors can reassign it to whatever package is
most appropriate if it turns out to be a bug in a different package
than the one you first thought: there is no need to open separate bugs
in multiple places.

> Note that downgrading to firmware-amd-graphics_20180825-1_all.deb seems to
> fix the issue.

Please confirm: if you downgrade firmware-amd-graphics to version
20180825-1, leave all other packages at their latest versions in
buster, and reboot, does that resolve this problem? If you upgrade
firmware-amd-graphics to version 20190114-1 and reboot again, does the
problem come back?

On Wed, 06 Mar 2019 at 21:43:01 +0100, Gijs Schröder wrote:
> If this is of any help, I'm on Buster with an AMD RV710 for a graphics card.
> Both glxinfo and glxgears run without apparent issues after booting with
> firmware-amd-graphics version 20190114-1 installed.

This bug is probably specific to one hardware generation. If I'm reading
Wikipedia correctly, the RX 580 is from a 2017 generation codenamed
"Arctic Islands" and based on Polaris GPUs, whereas the RV 710 is much
older (from a 2008 generation identified as the R700 or Radeon HD 4000

firmware-amd-graphics 20180825-1 does seem to contain updates to the
firmware for (at least some) Polaris GPUs.


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