Severity: normal

Let's get rid of

syslog-ng-mod-json |   3.13.2-5 | kfreebsd-amd64
syslog-ng-mod-json | 3.13.2-5+b1 | kfreebsd-i386

* source package syslog-ng version 3.19.1-3 no longer builds
  binary package(s): syslog-ng-mod-json
  on kfreebsd-amd64,kfreebsd-i386
  - suggested command:
    dak rm -m "[auto-cruft] NBS (no longer built by syslog-ng)" -s unstable -a 
kfreebsd-amd64,kfreebsd-i386 -p -R -b syslog-ng-mod-json
  - broken Depends:
    syslog-ng: syslog-ng

The broken dependencies are false positives, since they stem 
from outdated arch:all packages


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