Control: tags -1 confirmed

On 14/03/2019 15:47, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Package:
> Severity: normal
> User:
> Usertags: unblock
> Please unblock package xmltooling
> Dear Release Team,
> The #924346 security issue was fixed in stretch a couple of days ago by
> backporting the fix from the new upstream security release: 3.0.4.
> Beyond the unauthenticated remote DoS patch, this new upstream release
> consists of two other bugfixes: an interoperability issue with the
> Expect header ( and
> an incorrect C++ code usage pattern invoking undefined behavior via
> boost::bind (
> I think buster would be better with these included, so I ask for your
> permission to to upload 3.0.4-1 to unstable with a future unblock.
> Urgency is set to high below because of the security issue, but I'm not
> sure about that, please advise.  If this isn't acceptable at all, I'll
> cherry pick the security fix, upload 3.0.3-2 and open an unblock request
> for that.

The diff looks fine, please go ahead with 3.0.4-1. The urgency set to high
sounds good for documentation purposes, but doesn't really matter because
britney is currently set to ignore the urgency.


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