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On Sun, 03 Feb 2019, Afif Elghraoui wrote:
> The way I was hoping this could work is that Uploaders are automatically
> subscribed. I don't know of any reason why an Uploader should not be
> following their packages. I think it would also motivate people who
> really don't co-maintain a package to get themelves removed from the
> Uploaders list, thereby correcting the package metadata.

Uploaders should be following their packages but they might already be
following their packages in some other way: through a (tracker-)team
subscription. Or through a mailing list that is referenced in the
Maintainer field.

So maintainers should be able to opt-out from this automatic subscription
or at least blacklist some packages (so that a manual unsubscription is
not followed by an automatic subscription because of the Uploaders field).

> I think this would also be simpler to implement than subscription
> keywords in d/control (as mentioned in the OP). If it's still too far
> out of you way, I'd be willing to implement a patch, but would
> appreciate a tip about where to look in the code-base. I looked around
> it and couldn't find a good starting point in the file hierarchy.

I believe this feature is important and it would be nice to have it
working in the not too distant future but I'm unfortunately not actively
working on the tracker lately (just look at how much time it took me to
respond to your mail!).

A good start would be to modify the database so that we can record the
origin of each subscription. I imagine it would be a simple text value
associated to the subscription: "manual:web" or "manual:email" for a
manual subscription from the web interface or from the email interface. Or
"auto:uploaders" for this new feature.

You will have to modify the Subscription model in
distro_tracker/core/models.py and you probably want to create a new
task in distro_tracker/core/retrieve_data.py (or modify an existing one?)
to create/delete the subscriptions as appropriate.

You will have to review the places where the subscriptions are created
and add the required origin value.

The task should be smart enough to detect when the given email already
gets the package notifications through a tracker team or through a pre-existing
(manual) subscription or through an alternate email associated to the same

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