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On Sat, 30 Mar 2019 19:35:37 +0100 Giovanni Mascellani <> 
> I tried to work on this bug for a few hours, but I am quite puzzled:
> first of all, the issue I am experiencing right now is different from
> what is already described in the bug log. If I build meson with sbuild
> it fails because the test "test_generate_gir_with_address_sanitizer" in
> fails (if I comment out that test, the package builds
> correctly).

I also have tried reproducing this in various configurations.
The meson builds completely fine in the following configurations:
* pbuilder/cowbuilder buster/amd64
* pbuilder/cowbuilder sid/amd64
* manually running dpkg-buildpackage with varying values of LC_ALL in a
  fresh buster/amd64 schroot environment

I saw the failure of test_generate_gir_with_address_sanitizer that Giovanni
saw in the following configurations:
* sbuild buster/amd64
* reprotest

I strongly suggest that we deal with the Giovanni's issue with
test_generate_gir_with_address_sanitizer in a separate bug.  I will create
one at the end of the week if no-one else has done by then and I have done
some further triaging to understand that one.

I have yet to comment out the test to see if the rest passes in the sbuild
and reprotest configurations.
I have also printed out the environment by adding env in debian/rules, but,
so far, I am none the wiser.

> I have tried in many ways to replicate the failure, for example by
> checking thoroughly passed options and environment variables, but I
> could not find the core point. So I am leaving this issue for the moment.

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