Am 09.04.19 um 14:54 schrieb W. Martin Borgert:
> Quoting Alf <>:
>> This definitely confirms that it is not related to t-online, nor to some
>> missconfiguration of my system.
> Still, it would be interesting what leads to that behaviour.
> I use Linphone as my one and only telephone and it works fine
> for me on both a stretch and a buster system, both amd64. No
> crashes at all. I use different providers, however.

I found (hopefully) an explanation how authentication at t-online should
work. See this URL:

If you have a look at my debug output some posts above you see that for
registration the client contacts the server. The server responds with:
SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized 11030230348
and next it sends the nonce
WWW-Authenticate: Digest

and so on until registration is complete

This cycle is run twice with linphone 3.6.1 until registration is
complete. It can be seen in the debug output id you search for the string

"Authentication-Info: qop=auth"

Linphone 3.12.0 only runs this cycle once and then crashing at following


2019-04-08 18:13:30:008 ortp-message-channel [0x55623f893e60] [722]
bytes parsed
2019-04-08 18:13:30:008 ortp-message-Found transaction matching response.
2019-04-08 18:13:30:008 ortp-message-Updating auth context for ream
[] next nonce is going to be [(null)]


It for sure has nothing to do with the GUI, all debug output was
collected using CLI vith option "-d 5".

One final thought:

Ubuntu/Canonical has choosen linphone 3.6.1 for the upcoming release
1904 (Disco Dingo) instead of 3.12 - maybe they have a reason for that
decision, expecially as they genally aim for latest available version?

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