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Dear release managers:

s3ql is a FUSE front end for cloud storage providers such as Amazon's
s3, Google Cloud's knockoff of s3 and OpenStack's knockoff of s3.

Users who want to use s3ql with Google's cloud storage API need to
obtain an OAuth credential with the appropriate permissions. s3ql
ships a helper binary s3ql_oauth_client that makes the appropriate API
calls to obtain a token with the correct permissions. Google made
breaking changes to the token's structure and s3ql_oauth_client is no
longer able to create these tokens.

s3ql shipped a fix to s3ql_oauth_client in version 3.1. Please
consider shipping version 3.1 in debian buster so users of s3ql and
Google's cloud storage can obtain valid credentials. If the fix is not
in buster users will be forced to figure out the OAuth flow by
themselves (very painful) or grab a copy of s3ql 3.1 from its upstream
just so they can run s3ql_oauth_client to get a token.

unblock s3ql/3.1+dfsg-2

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