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On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 10:13:17AM +0000, David Buckley wrote:
> Hi! Is this going to get acted on if I leave it here? I was rather
> hoping the maintainers here would know better than I how to submit this
> patch.
> I tried many years ago submitting it to the kernel net-dev mailing list
> (which was my best guess at the maintainer), but got no response. If
> it's not going to make progress here, where *should* it go?

Hi David. Apologies for letting this slip by.

I see that you've gotten your change submitted to the iputils project on
GitHub, which is the one used as upstream in Debian. It will be included
in the next version of iputils I upload. The ETA for that is sometime
after the buster relase.


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