Am 14.05.19 um 08:54 schrieb Andrei POPESCU:
  * reason for removal
    not essential, but it helps to understand the issue
ecryptfs cannot unmount encrypted home directories due to systemd keeping the pam session active even after logout.
Upstream bug
A work around (user unit file) has not been implemented and tested.

  * what would be the alternative(s) available in buster
there is none

  * is there a (documented) migration path
there is none

People with ecryptfs should not upgrade to Buster or enable and pin sid repositories where ecryptfs-utils, libecryptfs1 and friends are still available and continue to work (including the unmount bug linked above).

CC'd jak (original bug submitter) and gcs (maintainer) in case they can add something. May be we can get the user unit file approach tested and if working into a point release and/or backports?

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