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[2011-04-27 09:24] arno renevier <>
> Package: sysvinit-utils
> Version: 2.88dsf-13.2
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> bootlogd fails to start. I investigated with printf-debug, and found that
> ioctl(0, TIOCGDEV, &kdev) fails and strerror(errno) is: "Invalid argument".
> Also, when removing the ioctl stuff, consolename is correctly found. Why not
> continue into the function even if ioctl fails ?
> Bootlogd worked fine until 13rd or 14th or 15th of april. And sysvinit-utils
> was not upgraded at that time. So, the bug may come from another package.

Sorry for late response. Can you reproduce issue on modern
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