Hi Bryan,

Bryan Quigley <bryan.quig...@canonical.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2019.
febr. 22., P, 2:03):
> Package: passwd
> Version: 1:4.5-1.1
> This is regards to passwd.cron.daily which backups 
> passwd/group/shadow/gshadow daily, which AFAICT is not upstream, but may have 
> been in the past.
> I'm looking at what it takes to run systems without cron and following the 
> example of other packages like logrotate:
> They add this bit to the cron script:
> # skip in favour of systemd timer
> if [ -d /run/systemd/system ]; then
>     exit 0
> fi
> and then create a systemd service/timer.  Happy to do the work to make a 
> patch if the above is the preferred solution.

Thank you for the offer. It is indeed a good solution and a patch is welcome.


> ___
> Alternatively, I have also wondered if the cron job functionality is still 
> needed or if the built-in generated backups are enough - /etc/group- etc.
> On my machine the /etc/group- backup would have been much more useful then 
> the one replaced daily by the cron job in /var/backups.
> Thanks!

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