I don't know why you need it, since the bug is in systemctl, but here it is:

#cat /etc/systemd/system/myfoobar.target
Description=MyFooBar (with 2 workers)
Wants=foo1of2.service foo2of2.service


Since Puppet use the exit-status from 'systemctl is-enabled', it is
important that this query can be trusted.
If you have a unit that is currently NOT enabled, the 'systemctl
is-enabled' query should not say "enabled" just because an alias
symlink exist.

If I delete the alias symlink, the 'systemctl is-enabled' query says
"disabled". Correct.
If I create the alias symlink, the 'systemctl is-enabled' query says
"enabled". Wrong!

If I remove the alias symlink and manually run 'systemctl enable
myfoobar.target', then the query says "enabled". Correct (since a
wants-symlink now exist).

Den tis 14 maj 2019 kl 17:19 skrev Michael Biebl <bi...@debian.org>:
> Am 14.05.19 um 16:58 schrieb Martin Olsson:
> > Package: systemd
> > Version: 232-25+deb9u11
> >
> > Problem:
> > The command 'systemctl is-enabled myfoobar.target' return "enabled"
> > (exit code 0) when it should return "disabled" (code >0).
> Please share the full myfoobar.target
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