Dear all,

as maintainer of the Seafile client packages (libsearpc, seafile and
seafile-client), I would like to thank Jan-Henrik for bringing this to
our attention.

There have already been such findings in the past, regarding some code
taken from git, and the discussion regarding libzdb in the past, as you
mentioned. I remember discussing the problems regarding linking to
OpenSSL, too.

However, all of the database related code is *only* contained in the
Seafile server implementation (,
RFP at #865830) and not in the Seafile client implementation
( that I have packaged for Debian.

I disagree that this should serve as a reason for *not* including the
client packages in the next Debian release.

What do others think about that?

I will however forward these findings to the developers at Seafile Ltd
and ask them for a proper resolution.

Best regards,
Moritz Schlarb

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