Package: at
Version: 3.1.23-1
Severity: wishlist

# Attempt backing up ones (Debian) at jobs as a regular user.
# Yes it is easy as root, but not as a regular user. So let's try anyway still.
# Here is a rudimentary backup script I made that can be used non-root
# It runs on the old machine, making a shell script that can be run on the
# new machine to load the at jobs in.
# Let's assume your webhost says they are shutting down the old machine and you 
had better
# rescue your atjobs yourself.
echo '#!/bin/sh'
at -l | sed 's/:00 / /' | while read id day month date time year x user
    echo "## ============== job $id:"
    echo "at $time $date $month $year <<\\$e"
    at -c $id
    echo $e

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